Ghana Reflections Part Four

Well, this is my final post (for now anyway) of my reflections on our time in Ghana. I hope you have enjoyed it and have benefited in some way from these reflections. I’d like to begin this post with a question; what is missions? Think about that for a moment. I’m guessing you, like most people, thought of airplanes, oceans, Africa, and babies? Or maybe it was buses with no AC, dust, Mexico, and paint? If that’s the case, there is not anything that is necessarily wrong with that but I do think it reveals our limited perspective of what missions is all about.

I know I have shared this on my blog before I but I believe with all my heart that missions is “People being transformed by people who are being transformed.” This is a statement credited to one of my professors, Dr. Mike W. Stroope. Missions is not about crossing a body of water or crossing borders. Missions is not about exotic or remote locations. Missions is not about the have’s going to the have not’s. Missions is about transformation. Missions is about relationships. Missions is about life change. Missions is about seeing and experiencing God in a new and a fresh way. Missions is about “People being transformed by people who are being transformed.”

When we go to Ghana, we see God’s transforming work taking place all around us.  We are transformed as a result of the transforming work that we are in the midst of. We don’t go only to share, we also go to receive. We don’t go only to teach, we also go to learn. We don’t go only to tell of God’s love, we also go go to experience God’s love. We don’t go because they need us, but we do go because we absolutely need them. We go because we need God.

The simply truth is, I need Ghana far more than Ghana need’s me.

I go to Ghana so that Vincent can teach me about God’s grace. I go to Ghana so Paxman can teach me about humility. I go to Ghana so Stella can teach me about self-sacrifice. I go to Ghana so that Quabi can teach me how to worship. I go to Ghana so that Francesca can teach me about God’s love. I go to Ghana because I am selfish and broken and God uses Ghana to help transform me into something beautiful. I hope and pray that as I am being transformed, God is able to use me in some way to participate in his transforming work in Ghana. That is why I go.

Heather and I are humbled and blessed to have led teams to Ghana through Baylor Missions the past three years. We await with great anticipation the opportunity to return in May of 2013 for our fourth time. And as Vincent would say this will only take place, “by God’s grace.”

By God’s Grace,

Chad and Heather


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